Sarah Kuretzky
I haven't blogged in a few months and anyone who has been following me, I'm sorry. I have been working a lot and looking into different dietary lifestyles. I'm working on my health coach certification which has added to my busy life. I guess my message is its okay to try new things and see if they work. I have been changing my diet trying to figure out how food makes me feel. I have realized for me, eating whole foods that are clean is the only way for me to eat and stay motivated. I have tried incorporating other foods and taking foods away. Understanding the chemical relationship as well as the emotional relationship with food is a long road with many bumps in the road. Don't feel discouraged if something doesn't work for you. Just change it! If you need any help with food and or fitness questions contact me.
Oh and I'm committed to blog once a week so you'll be hearing from me much more often!!!!!

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