Sarah Kuretzky
 Keeping a food journal of your eating can help you determine which habits need breaking  and how you can get back on the path of eating right. It is important to be true to yourself and be accountable. It is eye opening to see that you ate your toddler's Goldfish or those candies from your co-worker's Candy Jar.

Steps to start a food journal:
1.Record days and times of your meals and snacks.
2.List the food and the serving size.
3.Write down the reason for eating. (Hungry, bored, upset)
4. Note where the meal or snack took place. (Home, work, a restaurant)
  • 1 Determine your motivation for eating. Are you truly hungry when you eat? If not, are you eating for emotional reasons?
  • 2 Compare the types of food and portions you eat with the food pyramid. Do you eat well-balanced meals with good serving sizes? Do some areas have room for improvement?
  • 3 Take note of your eating habits. Do you eat regularly, or do you eat a little and then overindulge later?
  • 4 Use the above as guidelines to determine your problem areas, and brainstorm ways to repair those problems.

  • Having a food journal will help you truly reach your nutrition goals.

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